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An innovative cleansing and toning lotion cleanses and remove make-up while supporting the natural skin balance


formulated with soothing, protecting and comfort-boosting agents, this supple cleansing and toning lotion helps rid the skin of pollutants and impurities while removing all traces of makeup.
The soft formula envelopes the skin in a wave of freshness, leaving it feeling soft and flawlessly cleansed


  • Formulated with purple orchid, Aloe Vera extracts and French rose
  • Contains vitamin E


Apply morning and evening to your skin. Gently wipe off with a cotton pad


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GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner: Embrace Freshness and Balance


Dive into the world of refreshed and balanced skin with GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner. This review explores the innovative formula, skin-soothing agents, and application process of this facial cleanser.


GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner brings innovation and balance to your skincare routine. With its unique cleansing and toning properties, this product promises to cleanse, remove makeup, and support your skin's natural equilibrium.

Product Information

GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner is a versatile solution suitable for all skin types. Its cleansing and toning abilities make it an essential step in your skincare regimen, ensuring your skin feels fresh, clean, and revitalized.

Innovative Cleansing and Toning Power

This unique lotion formula is designed to do more than just cleanse. It's enriched with soothing, protecting, and comfort-boosting agents that work together to eliminate pollutants, impurities, and all traces of makeup. The result? Skin that's not only clean but also balanced and nourished.

Soothing Agents for Comfort

The formula of GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner includes purple orchid, Aloe Vera extracts, and French rose, which contribute to a soothing and comfortable experience during and after application.

Soft Formula, Flawless Cleanse

The soft and supple formula envelops your skin in a refreshing wave of cleansing goodness. As you gently apply the lotion, you'll feel your skin become softer and flawlessly cleansed.

Essential Vitamin E

With the inclusion of vitamin E, this cleansing and toning lotion offers antioxidant benefits that contribute to the overall health and vitality of your skin.

How to Use

Incorporate GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner into your morning and evening skincare routine. Simply apply it to your skin and gently wipe off using a cotton pad.

Why Choose GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner

  • Innovative Formula: Experience the power of cleansing and toning in one product.
  • Soothing Experience: The combination of soothing agents ensures a comfortable application.
  • Fresh and Balanced: Support your skin's natural equilibrium for a revitalized feel.
  • Effortless Application: The application process is quick and easy, fitting seamlessly into your routine.


GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner redefines your skincare routine with its innovative formula that cleanses, tones, and balances. From the soothing agents to the inclusion of vitamin E, every aspect of this product is designed to promote fresh and nourished skin. By effortlessly incorporating this step into your daily regimen, you're ensuring that your skin receives the care it deserves.


Q1: Is this product suitable for sensitive skin? A1: Yes, GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner is formulated to be gentle on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Q2: Can I use this product to remove eye makeup? A2: While the formula is effective in removing makeup, it's recommended to avoid the eye area due to its sensitivity.

Q3: Will this product dry out my skin? A3: No, the soft formula and soothing agents ensure that your skin feels fresh and balanced after use.

Q4: Can I use this as a standalone cleanser or toner? A4: Absolutely, GADE Ultimate Cleanser and Toner combines both functions, making it an all-in-one solution.

Q5: Is this product suitable for both morning and evening use? A5: Yes, incorporating this product into both your morning and evening routine ensures consistent skin balance.